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Plus Yal

Bella Solution 100Ml

Bella Solution 100Ml

  • Made in Italy
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Bella Plus Yal Solution with sodium hyaluronate and protein agents helps to disinfect, clean, store, and hydrate all types of soft and colored lenses.It provides lenses with long-lasting hydration, giving you more comfort during use.

It has anti-bacterial properties to protect contact lenses from any contamination.

It’s used for washing, moisturizing, sterilizing, and storing contact lenses.

How To Use

1. Wash your hands before using Bella Plus lens solution, remove the lenses and place them in the palm of your hands.
2. Apply enough Bella Plus solution to completely wet the lenses.
3. Rinse the lenses thoroughly with Bella Plus to remove all deposits.
4. Repeat the steps for the other lens.
5. Fill the lens case with Bella Plus solution to the dose line, then close the lens case tightly.
6. Leave the lenses dipped in the solution for 4 hours or during sleep.

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